When you work with us at EH Ad Agency, you will be guaranteed a comprehensive analysis of any onsite and offsite problems hindering your success.

For our purposes here, we’ll spare you the technical jargon, and simply summarize the process and goals of our audits.

What we do is unearth any issues that may be plaguing your website and, in turn, slowing down your well-deserved success. Our audits will expose any issues your website may be suffering, and once we address those issues, we can strategize plans that rectify and resolve these problems.

With an increased rank and smoother experience for your customers, you’ll find your profits climbing steadily.

Our audits don’t just diagnose the problem. We use this information to design a plan. It’s not enough to simply know the issues. You don’t go to the doctor just to be told what’s wrong with you; you expect their expertise to give you direction, to help you to get healthy. So, at EH Ad Agency, we won’t just pinpoint the issues like other companies. We will figure out the best way to prescribe your success.

You can expect our analysis to yield a comprehensive technical audit and keyword research report. Moreover, with us, you can expect transparency. We will give you detailed reports that overview everything we’ve done to improve your site’s health, as well as the results of our SEO analysis, which includes a technical SEO backend audit, content audit, and backlink audit.

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