Search Engine Consulting

The Expertise You're Looking For

Here at EH Ad Agency, you can trust that we have the experience you need to grow your business through SEO and other related strategies. We offer a variety of SEO consulting services to jumpstart your business or brand.

First Step: Site Audit

We can’t treat the wound unless we first diagnose the problems. When you work with EH Ad Agency, the first step we take together is identifying any and all issues bogging down your website and organic search performance potential. In fact, it’s not unusual that your website is the culprit, insofar as the nature of its own construction makes finding it or navigating it impossible. Imagine steering your way through a busy freeway, and you can’t find your destination. You might instead take a different exit, find a different company or business — maybe even one that sacrifices quality for accessibility. As a company, you’ll want to do whatever you can to make it easier for those freeway-crawlers to find you. You take pride in your product. Don’t let the competition steal your customers because of poor search performance or a buggy, laggy, inaccessible website.

Your Neck of the Woods: Local Ranking Factors

Given the world’s move to mobile, SEO is becoming more and more locally-driven. Statistics report that half of the local searches are for business information and result in a store visit that day. Additionally, over two-thirds of local mobile searches lead to offline purchases. That tells us a lot. We use our SEO consulting services with this information in mind so that we can design strategies specifically to your target metro.

The Key to Success: Keyword Research

We take keyword research into account for every new partner we work with. What keywords bring your website the most traffic? You might not know, but we will find out. Thorough research leads to these answers, which in turn unlock long-term successes for driving in more traffic. And increased traffic leads to increased profits.
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